Formerly Norwalk Overhead Door Company

Our History

Owned and operated by the Ehrismann family, since 1954


  Apex Door of CT, (formerly Norwalk Overhead Door Company) was founded in 1954 by Harry Ehrismann. An immigrant from the Netherlands, he and his family came to the United States in 1950 in search of the American Dream. Harry and his family were sponsored by Paul Marsted, the owner of Overhead Door Company in Orange, CT, where he worked as the Office Manager. After four years of hard work and learning the business, Paul asked him to take over the Norwalk franchise. Harry accepted the offer and the rest is history. After running a successful business for 57 years, in 2011, Harry passed away at the age of 90, having run the business he grew until mere months before his death.  

His son, Frank, assumed ownership of the company in 2011 after his father's passing. Having worked full time in the industry since 1971, he picked up where his father left off, continuing the business forward. In 2019, after 48 years of working, he decided it was time to retire, passing the torch to his nephew, Peter, the next generation.    

 Peter started working in the industry in 1998, riding along in a truck with the old-timers on summer break. There he was taught the garage door business from the ground up, learning the  best techniques and methods for installing and repairing residential and commercial door systems. Although the basics of garage doors have remained unchanged in almost a century, the way people do business has greatly changed in the age of the internet. In that spirit, Peter wanted to streamline the business and make big changes, most notably the exit from our old location at 24 Van Zant Street in Norwalk. Doing so enabled the business to maintain its competitive edge in an ever-changing climate. Although no longer physically there, we are still here to continue servicing our loyal customers as we have for more than 65 years and look forward to earning your future business!